Ulcerative Colitis

"I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 7 years ago and was on Prednisone for 5 months after the diagnosis. Each flare up after that I was also put on Prednisone, though never as much as the first time. I was never the best about taking my medication, which probably caused them to come more frequently. This past summer when I felt a flare up coming on, I was told about acupuncture and Diane Cridennda. I thought “Well, I might as well give it a try”. I knew from the start that I have a chronic disease and it will never really go away. I have now made it through tow flares with no medication (preventive or otherwise) and could not be happier. I no longer worry about how all of the medication is affecting me, no longer get mandatory blood work done every three months, and no longer deal with the side effects of Prednisone. I am 100% satisfied with my results."

Renee Smiley