Most people do feel something, not necessarily a sharp sensation like when you get an injection. Acupuncture needles are about twice the size of a human hair and are fillform (solid, not hollow) since we don’t have to take something out or put something into your body. However,  when you put the metal needle into the acupoint you will feel a kind of  surge. This may be pulling, distending, tingling, radiating or a numbing  sensation. Once the needles are in place the sensation subsides and you  should be able to sleep during your treatment. During your treatment  you may feel a mild humming or buzzing in your body. My patients  lovingly call this their “needle nap”. Your practitioner will be  sensitive to your needs and make you as comfortable as possible. Once in  a while you may notice a spot of blood at one or more of the needle  sites/or a small bruise could develop. This is usually minimal since the  needles are so small, but please talk to your practitioner if you are  concerned.