East Winds Acupuncture has helped me so much. I had heard acupuncture could help the body in so many ways and finally decided to give it a try.
I initially visited after unsuccessful fertility and burning out down that path but was also in need of healing my nickel allergy as well. I felt amazing after my first visit. My anxiousness was brought down so much, and my body was already feeling more balanced. After a few visits I really noticed a huge difference with myself and found that my nickel allergy symptoms had become less and less. From that moment on I knew how amazing acupuncture really was.

Dr. Diane helped me with diet and herbal information as well.
My husband and I had struggled for years to have our first daughter and were not having any luck having a second. Our first was conceived through high tech fertility: IVF and that took some time as well. We tried for over a year naturally to have our second and then went through fertility again. After several months of horrible fertility drugs and poking and prodding we were unsuccessful. I just couldn’t go through it any longer and decided to visit Dr. Diane.

After a few visits I became pregnant naturally. It seemed like an absolute miracle. I continued to visit for overall wellbeing and when I went back again for anxiousness and for fertility when we were ready for our third, I got pregnant again right away naturally. I have found so much relief in so many ways visiting East Winds.
Dr. Diane and Dr. Stephanie are amazing! I highly recommend the pediatric care as well. Our second has some serious food allergies and her body gets quite flared up at times. The visits are so relaxing and healing and my husband and I notice a great improvement in her behaviors, sleep, and overall healing as well. We started visits when she was 11 months old and continue to visit.

December 11, 2021