Oriental Medicine (OM) includes Acupuncture, Herbology, Moxibustion,  Tui Na (Chinese massage) dietary therapy and exercise. The Chinese  developed and understanding of the body and the specific pathways to all  organs. This network is like a web which goes deeply into the body  connecting with more superficial pathways. This explains why inserting  acupuncture needles into the arm can affect the Large Intestine or  perhaps the Heart. If one part of this web gets disturbed it impacts all  the fine connections which creates this web and dis- ease occurs. The  acupoints used in your treatment are like a prescription of points used  for your specific disharmony. The human brain is like a computer, but  more sophisticated than any computer we know. Think of the acupoints as a  “computer program” Sometimes we just need a little reprogramming. The  acupuncturist is like a computer programmer who makes sure that your  computer is working smoothly.