Lectures and Seminars

Join Diane and Dr. Magarelli on the podcast FUNdamentally Fertile as they debunk some myths about PCOS, its origins, its link with insulin resistance and poor eating habits, and treatment options.


Diane Gives Presentation at the inaugural Colorado Springs Fertility Conference in May 2019

Navigating the cutting edge of ancient and modern fertility • EAP022 • Diane Cridennda from Everyday Acupuncture Podcast | Podcast Episode on Podbay

How Acupuncture Improves Pregnancy Chances

CNY Fertility


Dr. Diane’s Podcast on navigating the cutting edge of ancient and modern fertility

Dr. Magarelli’s Podcast on becoming Fat Adapted

Getting Fat Adapted • EAP 006

The Cutting Edge of Ancient and Modern Fertility

Fertility and TCM, An Interview With Dr. Diane Cridennda with Jennifer Waters

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