After receiving the news that it may be impossible to conceive children of our own and maintain a pregnancy due to a uterine abnormality, my husband and I decided to seek out acupuncture as a “last resort” before taking more invasive, drastic measures to try to become pregnant. At my initial consult, Dr. Diane listened to my concerns, asked questions and put me on a plan of action right away. With some dietary changes, herbs, and acupuncture once a week, I was pregnant 2 months (after over a year of trying and a miscarriage. Surprise of all surprises, I was pregnant with twins! Dr Diane recommended that I continue my acupuncture treatments once a week until 12 weeks, and once a month thereafter. During those weeks, I developed fairly significant morning sickness, which Dr. Diane helped me through each week. I looked forward to my appointments, and the environment is so relaxing that I fell asleep every time I went. Dr. Diane even went so far as to collaborate with other colleagues around the world to come up with a comprehensive plan of care. I very firmly believe that acupuncture not only helped me get pregnant, but I also believe that it helped me to stay pregnant during a very fragile, high risk pregnancy. I now have two beautiful baby girls, and I am so thankful to Dr. Diane for all that she did to help make my dreams of becoming a mom a reality.