East Winds was founded in 1996. Our practitioners have at minimum, a Masters degree, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with other degrees and certifications, extensive specialized training in many styles of acupuncture and experience at addressing a multitude of imbalances.  East Winds Acupuncture provides patients with a combined over 50 years of training and experience in the field.

Our goal is to take the best of both East and West, and combine them for the best possible outcomes for your health.

East Winds Acupuncture’s unique model of East meets West gives you the best possible treatments that are unique to your specific needs. Because we are experienced in both models, we are able to see the Chinese Medicine view of your pattern of disharmony as well as the Western view or “diagnosis”. We appreciate that both models have their attributes, and the combination of the two will give you the best overall care. You don’t have to choose one over the other

We believe that we must take advantage of the breakthrough in modern technology, but we can’t lose touch with the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine.

We are dedicated to education and arming you with knowledge! This will empower you to make good choices about your health as well as the health of your loved ones.

We promise to be


We treat with compassion and use all tools to help you on your journey to health.


We have a comprehensive combination of ancient chinese medicine as well as a “science” based practice.


We adhere to the highest professional standards with integrity and mindfulness.


We are current with newest research to obtain great measurable results.


We are passionate about what we do for our patients and are thrilled “daily” that our patients are making progress.