Successful fertility story

In the March of 2012 we miscarried. In early 2013 we were told that I had POA or poor ovarian reserve and poor egg quality due to age. I was 38 and my reserve was more like that of a 45 year old. We were seeing the top fertility specialist in the US and he told me that my chances of getting pregnant were slim to none and if I did I would surely miscarry. I panicked, we so wanted another baby. I am a researcher by nature and found that one of the many ways I could take control of my body and fertility was through acupuncture. I started seeing Diane around February of 2013. She was a breath of fresh air and had so many helpful ways to begin amping up the health of my reproductive system. I could tell a change in my cycles and overall began feeling better. We were all set to do invitro in June and start our meds in May. I never started my cycle!! I became pregnant naturally in April and gave birth to a perfectly healthy miracle baby girl the day after Christmas! I am a total believer in Acupuncture and Dr. Diane!