At East Winds Acupuncture, we are dedicated to providing a modern approach to traditional healing through the practice of electroacupuncture. This technique is deeply rooted in the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is further enriched by the integration of Japanese style palpation-based practices and protocols. Electroacupuncture involves the use of a mild electric current that passes between selected needles during treatment, aiming to stimulate acupoints and increase the potential healing effects of standard acupuncture[1].


Electroacupuncture has been shown to offer various health benefits, including relief from conditions such as arthritis, acute pain, chemotherapy side effects, chronic stress, and poor circulation[2]. Research suggests that this practice works by activating bioactive chemicals in the body, such as opioids, serotonin, and norepinephrine, which can help reduce pain, inflammation, and improve blood flow[5]. While there is still a need for further research, electroacupuncture is considered a well-studied and evidence-based practice that holds promise in enhancing the overall healing process[4].


At East Winds Acupuncture, our approach to electroacupuncture is founded on the belief that it can provide effective pain management and support the body’s natural healing mechanisms. We are committed to integrating this modern variation of acupuncture with traditional healing practices to offer our patients comprehensive and personalized care.