We only needed to do timed intercourse and lots of drugs, but that took some time as well. It took almost two years and many miscarriages to conceive our firstborn daughter. I have a hard time remembering all the specifics now but I know there was at least a few sessions after all the trying naturally.

I have had IUI as well. I was married before and we had tried a few years before I met my now current husband. My previous husband and I also went through a couple rounds of fertility. I got pregnant the second round but miscarried the twins. We were so young looking back but it was devastating. Overall, in my history, I’ve gone through lots of fertility issues. Before my firstborn daughter I had also struggled with numerous ovarian cysts that caused many issues as well. Thankfully that hasn’t been an issue since then but I do believe that acupuncture has helped me in that area as well.