The acupuncturist will sit down with you and ask about medical  history, likes/dislikes, sleeping habits, emotions, stressors, cravings,  energy levels and when they drop and an array of questions to get an  idea what kind of “terrain” your body is showing, dry, wet, deficient or  excess. We will examine your wrist pulses (nine in each wrist) and your  tongue. These give us clues as to what is going on inside your body.  (Allow about two hours for the first visit and one hour for follow up  visits). The acupuncturist will create a treatment plan for you based on  all the information gathered in the initial intake. Depending on how  long and the nature of the disharmony it could be a quick fix or it may  take some time. Remember, Acupuncture is not a band aid, it works at a  deeper level to correct, not mask the problem.