You will have a two-hour initial visit which includes detailed health history plus your first acupuncture treatment. Generally speaking, I like to see you once per week, and I will be making other recommendations based on your specific imbalance.

Thin disposable sterile acupuncture needles are placed in your abdomen, low belly (no “LOCAL” acupuncture points are needed) arms and legs. Once they are in place you will rest for 30-40 minutes. My patients lovingly call this their “Needle Nap.”

East Winds Acupuncture has found and reviewed relevant scientific studies on the treatment of male factor infertility with acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Diane and Dr. Magarelli have published research on combining acupuncture and IVF to create more take home babies.  Please review the most up to date worldwide research on our website.

We look forward to helping you on your journey.To schedule your appointment call us at 719-520-5056 today!

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