When choosing an acupuncture clinic, there are many things you may be considering. Why should I come to this clinic? How well are the acupuncturists trained? Can they really help me?

East Winds Acupuncture was established in 1996 with the goal of providing the best care in Chinese medicine in a healing, professional environment.  Our practitioners have at minimum, a Masters degree, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with other degrees and certifications, extensive specialized training in many styles of acupuncture and experience at addressing a multitude of imbalances.  East Winds Acupuncture provides patients with a combined over 50 years of training and experience in the field.

Nationally recognized organizations have spent years conducting studies on combining acupuncture with IVF and high-tech fertility treatments.  East Winds Acupuncture continues to be on the forefront making sure each patient gets the best treatments for what they are hoping to balance in their body.


Integrating acupuncture into an IVF program
improves reproductive outcomes:

East Winds uses ancient Chinese wisdom combined with research and science to give the best outcomes possible.
We will help you through your journey, whether it’s for pain control, creating a family, getting your LIFE back, or keeping you healthy.